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Welcome to Pakistan's Largest Online Promotion Directory. is using the magic of Google Custom Search Engine Technology to show more than 500,000 FB Pages of Pakistan. We are daily inviting 10,000+ potential customers to make habit of visiting for finding their daily life products and services offered by all Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) of Pakistan. In response to our promotion, hundreds of visitors daily visit and get a chance to see your Pages and Posts. Our round-the-year promotion plan includes, SMS to above 35 Lakh Active Mobile Numbers, sharing on Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups and Twitter.

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In addition to our Online Promotion Directory, we are offering many other Products and Services for SMBs as follows:

Socializer Softwares (Download FREE Demo)

Software 1: FACEBOOK Groups - Auto Search+Auto Join+Auto Post: Rs. 6,000 per Year
Software 2: PriceEx (Universal Web Data Extractor): Rs. 6,000 per Year

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Service (Any City): Rs. 5,000 for 1 Lakh SMS (Rs. 1,500 for 25,000 SMS) (Outsourced)
Branded SMS Marketing (with Name): Rs. 0.20 per SMS (Rate Based on Min. 1 Lakh SMS)

We can provide any of the following Products or Services to help your Business

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Facebook Page Development (FREE) Domain / Hosting Service (FREE) Website Development Web Portal Development
Facebook Page Management Google Adwords Management (PPC) Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO) Email Marketing Service (Subscribed)
Web Data Search & Compile Service Digital Marketing Training Ecommerce Business Training Utility Script / App Development
Business App Development App Store Optimization Service YouTube / Instagram / Twitter Mgmt Marketing Softwares (FREE)
Google Groups Management Facebook Groups Management WhatsApp Groups Management Groups / Pages Marketplace

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